Marco Marco Underwear on Ben Godfre

Perhaps the first thing people notice about Marco Marco underwear is the Hollywood dazzle it brings to the man who wears it. Take, for example, Benjamin Godfre. Whether strutting alone or palling around with his two friends, the Marco Marco underwear brings that shining show-biz glamour we’ve come to appreciate. Marco Morante, the brains and creative heart behind Marco Marco underwear, talked to The Underwear Expert in April about the brand and his ideas that structure it: RuPaul Designer Eyes Men’s Underwear. Morante envisions his brand as being “a little crazier than you might normally see; more colorful, more daring.”

The photo series you see below was shot by Gabe Ayala and he beautifully captures Benjamin Godfre. Wearing only his Marco Marco underwear and a gold chain, the model poses brashly in a dungeon setting. His artsy music and script tattoos give him that extra L.A. look that fits so perfectly with his briefs. It’s a great campaign for the Marco Marco underwear brand and Benjamin Godfre shines as the lead in this Hollywood inspired production.

Do you think Benjamin Godfre represents the Marco Marco underwear brand well? Where do you think Marco Morante will take his glamorous brand next?

For more information about this brand: Marco Marco underwear

Benjamin Godfre 1

Benjamin Godfre 2

Benjamin Godfre 3

Benjamin Godfre 5

Benjamin Godfre 6

Benjamin Godfre 7


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