Trend Report: Leather Inspired Underwear

It’s getting hot in the men’s underwear department, folks. This summer we brought you the buzz on lace underwear for men, and more recently, we featured two stories on leather underwear. In one, Rodiney Santiago sports a leather brief for a Rufskin ad, while in the other, model Ryan Bertroche got all artistic wearing a leather brief posing in a huge picture frame as part of a photo shoot for Numéro Homme China.

Is there a leather inspired underwear trend on the horizon? We think so. We’re sure there’s actual leather underwear out there, but men’s underwear brands are going a safer way than actual animal hide, opting instead for synthetic leather alternatives, aka: pleather. Nothing beats the real thing (for shoes and belts, etc.), but for underwear, pleather is, hands down, the winner. It looks like real leather, it feels like real leather, and it’s easier to wash and much less expensive.

A bit of background on men’s leather inspired underwear:

The term “pleather” is generally used to refer to a variety of different fabrics, mostly nylon and polyester blends, treated to have a grainy texture and semi-matte finish that resembles real leather. The most obvious benefit that puts it ahead of genuine leather is the plush underside of the fabric–the part that touches your skin–that wicks moisture away, rather than retaining it–a major comfort factor in men’s pleather underwear. As for breathability, neither leather nor pleather is going to keep you cool, but with pleather, at least you have that absorbent buffer zone.

As you can imagine, men’s pleather underwear falls on the more risqué end of the style spectrum, providing the ideal fabric for brands like Gregg Homme, who fashioned such iconic men’s pleather underwear styles as the Chopper Cut Out Brief and the Octane Boxer Brief. No matter what your fetish is, sporting the look of leather feels daring, naughty and empowering. There’s definitely still an air of taboo associated with leather inspired underwear, but at the end of the day: it’s just plain hot.

Would you ever wear leather inspired underwear?

For more information on these brands: Good Devil, Go Softwear, Gregg Homme


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