Jor Underwear Presents Comfort

Colombian-based brand Jor underwear releases its Comfort collection in three fun colors with a horizontal pattern of stripes. Currently available, the range of brief ($28.98), boxer brief ($29.98) and long boxer brief ($30.98) is offered in black, red and blue.

The Jor underwear Comfort collection is made from an extremely comfortable microfiber that offers a snug fit. Produced from 78% nylon, 3% polyester and 19% spandex, the collection was designed by Javier Ortega, former creative director of Gigo underwear, based in Medellín, Colombia. This 2.7-million-strong city is home to a number of mens underwear brands that export their releases to the United States.

Similar to his previous work with Gigo underwear, Ortega has created a contemporary style combined with colorful choices and a comfy fit. Bringing together a modern aesthetic with microfiber fabrics is a signature trademark of Ortega’s design talents, according to the brand. “As today’s man is very active from dawn till dusk, you will feel just as confident wearing Jor to the office, the gym, or out on the town,” Ortega told The Underwear Expert. The Comfort collection will be a permanent offering of the brand, which launched last year.

The range is available in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Jor Underwear

Jor Underwear Comfort Collection

Jor Underwear Comfort Collection

Jor Underwear Comfort Collection


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