Jihaime dos Santos for Malebasics

Jihaime dos Santos Featured

Model and actor Jihaime dos Santos posed for photographer Pablo Chester in a shoot for Malebasics. A half French, half Brazilian with a masculine face and lion-like mane, Jihaime dos Santos shows his patriotism to his home, waving the Bandeira do Brasil on an expansive beach and pensively waiting in a leather seated car like an executive. The photographer is aided by his assistant, Lou Weinstein.

The shoot is for the Miami based underwear brand Malebasics. Founded in 2002 by Paula Zuniga and Raul Valencia, the brand has a huge variety of undergarments ranging from thongs and jocks to one piece bodywear–with hundreds of styles, Pablo Chester had lot of options to choose from for his shoot. The model wears a colorful brief on the beach that matches the Brazilian flag, a pair of surf-soaked white briefs with the Malebasics brand name boldly printed on the waistband, and a thin white bikini for his car shots. Anyone else up for a trip to Rio with Jihaime dos Santos?

For more information about this brand: Malebasics


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