Jac5 Debuts Barking Mad Trunk

JAC5 underwear Barking Mad Euro Trunk

Jac5 releases its new collection of Euro trunks, Barking Mad ($35), which features bold colors and a stylish waistband. The range is currently available in several colors including yellow, hot pink, black, red, turquoise, cobalt blue and orange.

Jac5’s take on the classic trunk is made from a premium 72.5% polyamide and 27.5% elastane fabric blend imported from Italy. Highly breathable, this fabric shapes to your contour. This double stretch fabric also allows the Euro trunk to be used as swimwear as well.

“We like colors,” Valerie Feunteun, general manager of Jac5, told The Underwear Expert. “We like having fun. We were lucky enough to find this fabric from Italy.”

The Barking Mad logo is printed on a nylon waistband with the brand’s signature dog logo on the back. James A. Christopher founded the Hong Kong-based Jac5 a year ago and established the brand’s identity based on his love for his Jack Russell terriers. Christopher infuses his passion for color, style and quirkiness into the Barking Mad range.

“We met with fashion bloggers recently who were not convinced they would like the trunks,” said Feunteun. “But after they tried them on they loved it.”

The range is available in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Jac5

JAC5 underwear Barking Mad Euro Trunk

JAC5 underwear Barking Mad Euro Trunk


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  1. nik gowing says:

    Very disappointed after trying the Jac5 euro trunks, the italian material feels fantastic, when you first slide them on, wearing them is another. I had to pick off the worst positioned tag/label I have ever encountered, also constantly adjusting throughout the day.


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