Ask the Expert: Hang Free Pouch w/ Skinny Jeans

Jon from Liverpool: I prefer anatomically correct and pouches from brands like Andrew Christian’s and Obviously’s, but they don’t really work all that well under my skinny jeans. What else is out there that could provide hang-free support but still keep its place under my tight pants?

The Underwear Expert: Jon, we feel your pain because some of us here at The Underwear Expert have found ourselves in the exact same situation, a constant need to choose between comfort and looks. The anatomically shaped or hang free pouch is one of today’s best technological achievements. An anatomical pouch is basically a pouch that offers plenty of room while still offering support, so your package is suspended without being squished. The only kicker is, because this type of pouch holds your goods slightly away from your body, it ends up being quite enhancing as well.

As far as a solution goes, believe me when I tell you, there really isn’t a good one. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Either you go for this amazing pouch and walk around looking extra confident or you settle for less-than-amazing underwear that confines your natural endowment.

There may not be a concrete answer, but there is hope. Which Andrew Christian styles have you tried, Jon? We’ve found the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Brief gets the job done without being as “out there” as some of the other styles. Also, even though the 2xist Shape: Maximize Brief is intended to enhance, the pouch gives you the slight separation and incredible comfort of an anatomically correct pouch without going overboard. It definitely plumps the package, but it keeps things in place under your skinnies.

One more thing–make sure you’re wearing the right size. You may think a size smaller hang free pouch will give you more lift, but it ends up just making the bulge look bigger. Stick with your size and enjoy the spare room.

For more information on these brands: 2xist, Andrew Christian

Photo Credit: Quinn Jaxon for Andrew Christian


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  1. Mike from central IL says:

    I am 5’7″ with a small frame (28-29 waist). I have also encountered which underwear works best under skinny or super skinny jeans with a zipper or button fly flies. I agree with you on the AC and Obviously anatomical pouch bc there is very limited room in these kind of jeans. Trying to figure this out without busting your checkbook buying every pair of underwear that you might think, works. Needless to say I have been there but thank goodness I am an underwear enthusiast. This process reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard’s mens jeans, NO room, no matter the size of your junk. Saying that, wearing nothing, boxers, and certain anatomical underwear your junk falls to the right or left side of your V shaped jeans. The same problem for over 35 years, lol. I have found that wearing an anatomical jock or thong works great and it does take one layer of material out of the mix. The second pair of underwear I have found that works great is Gabriel Grey color block anatomical boxer briefs, briefs, or jock and Gabriel Grey bamboo boxer briefs, briefs or jock. Like what was mentioned about AC’s almost naked collection, I found these to give a lite awesome support but yet giving you the look of a natural enhancing package behind the jeans. And last, I am going to buy a pair of 2xist shape maximize underwear to try and add to my collection. I have tried tighty whiteys and other minimizing underwear and it just makes it twice as uncomfortable crunching your junk in tight underwear and then wearing skinny jeans and it leaves you embarrassed when you have to adjust and you are fighting with jeans plus the tight underwear. So overall I would go with an anatomical pouch under skinny jeans. I hope that my input helps.

  2. jason dean says:

    i totally agree Andrew Christian Underwear are just perfect under jeans or trousers and very comfortable to wear

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