The Pouch You’ve Been Waiting For

FRIGO made headlines this year with their $100 pair of underwear; the brand was heralded as the future of men’s underwear, yes, but more attention seems to have been paid to the price tag than the extraordinary innovations the brand has incorporated into their wares, like the patented FRIGO Zone pouch.

FRIGO’s suspended and adjustable mesh pouch, aka: the FRIGO Zone, allows you to personalize your pouch depending on the size of your package and the type of lift you need–a blessing for office and athletic types and all men in between. The innovation retires the need to awkwardly adjust throughout the day while keeping you cool and dry from the second you put them on in the morning to when your pants come off at night.

Here’s how it works: the mesh pouch floats within the underwear and is suspended by two elastic straps that exit the underwear over both hips and fasten in the FRIGO soft lock, an exterior adjustment system; with 12 sizing options, any size package can be accommodated. Here’a close-up look at the FRIGO; more on the super pouch after the jump:

“People are not created completely the same. You can adjust it once to fit you, stabilizing your parts and then you don’t have to adjust it again,” Mathias Ingvarsson, chief executive officer of RevolutionWear told The Underwear Expert.

What’s also remarkable about the FRIGO Zone pouch is the mesh fabrication. Technically speaking, the pouch utilizes an opaque ultra light nylon warp knit fabric with thermal cooling properties. In laymen’s terms, FRIGO has finally found the solution to “sweaty balls.” “It’s like air conditioning,” Ingvarsson continues, “like a layer of air in between all the time. That’s the whole thing with the pouch: it separates your parts from the rest of the body and gets air in between where you don’t have air normally.”

In other words, FRIGO has found a modern solution to an age-old problem: how to actually be comfortable in your underwear. The innovation will cost you more than your average pair of underwear, but we assure you: when you go FRIGO, you won’t go back.

Created by a European team of experts with a world-leading research lab, and manufactured in Portugal, FRIGO isn’t just an expensive undergarment. It’s the future of men’s underwear and, specifically, the future of the pouch.

FRIGO underwear retails for $100 and is available in six different sizes and two inseam lengths, 6” and 9”.

For more information about this brand: FRIGO
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