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George from Texas: They say size doesn’t matter, but when I’m in my underwear, it does. I’m more of a grower, so it looks like there’s nothing in my pouch sometimes, and it can get embarrassing. I don’t make a habit of running around in my underwear, but if I’m in the locker room or hanging out with my roommates, I just feel inadequate. I usually wear boxer briefs, but I’m willing to try anything to fill out my pouch. Help!

The Underwear Expert: No need to panic–based on the belief that “everything [should be] bigger in Texas,” we will solve your pouch problem and give you a profile you can be proud of. We WILL fill out your pouch, George! Here’s the good news: the problem is not you. It’s not that you’re too small, but that the pouch is too roomy. You are justFill Out Your Pouch  wearing the wrong pair of underwear for your body type: it may fit great everywhere else, but the pouch ends up looking like a deflated balloon, yes?. What you need is a pouch that is designed with less room, increased support, and therefore more lift.

Before we get into all the available options to fill out your pouch, we always recommend checking to make sure you’re wearing the right size underwear (each brand has different sizing).Boxer briefs can be especially deceiving; since they are designed to have a snug fit, guys often go a size up mistakenly, and can end up with a pouch that’s too big. Now, onto the solutions! We’re highlighting briefs because they generally give a lift to begin with; the ones below, though, give a lift and then some

First, try going high-tech. The C-IN2 Personal Fit Factor Grower Brief features a pouch that is specially designed with narrow pleats on either side that allows the pouch to alter its shape to your exact size, giving you a custom level of support and a slightly lifted effect. The result makes the most of what you’ve got and gives you a natural looking profile.

Next option that will fill out your pouch the aussieBum Wonderjock Hip Trunk, which packs a hidden punch. Inside the pouch at the bottom is a strip of elastic that sits just below your boys and gently gives them a “boost of confidence” that looks completely natural and feels super comfortable. Think of it as hidden artillery that puts the guns on their finest display.

Another great option is the 2xist Shape: Maximize Trunk which lives up to its name, maximizing your assets with a unique and uplifting pouch design. The pouch features a center seam that is angled upward along the bottom, so it holds the boys slightly away from your body, giving you instant lift and amazing support.

The best part is that all of these styles look completely normal on the outside–all your hidden tricks will stay hidden, and you’ll have more support than ever before. Now go forth, George, fill out your pouch!

For more information on these brands: 2xist, aussieBum, C-IN2


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  1. Chet says:

    Don’t want uplift, don’t want roomy pouch, don’t need enhancement…want BALL SUPPORT that’s not prosthetic. Enough brief that keeps the balls from falling out when legs are stretched. Any suggestions?

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