Dolce & Gabbana Mens Underwear Dance

Fabrice Calmels in Dolce & Gabbana mens underwear 7

Underwear models can come from all different backgrounds and professions (Todd Sanfield is a pharmacy student that also owns his own brand—and models for it–for example), but the work seems like a perfect fit for a dancer. After all, both modeling and dancing are about keen physical awareness and bodily control. Whether the goal is to express emotion through ballet dance or to sell underwear, a man has to be in peak condition and have a kinetic intentionality that holds the attention of the viewer.

Understanding these concepts, photographer Giuliano Bekor photographed Fabrice Calmels, a Frenchman of the Joffrey Ballet, wearing Dolce & Gabbana mens underwear. Against a simple white background, Bekor not only captures Calmels’ trained gracefulness, but also his strength in pose and motion. Yes, Calmels appears to be near-weightless, but he maintains a model’s powerful presence in the frame of the lens, leaving a lasting impression that’s anything but wispy. Of course, the Dolce & Gabbana mens underwear is a perfect choice for such a gallery, adding to Calmels’ elegance while not detracting from his masculinity. The dancer’s flexible core and limbs look almost painted and the underwear furthers this oil-on-canvas theme by clinging with perfect fit to his body. The painted influence is not unexpected from Bekor who has recently branched out from fashion photography to the world of fine art, building an imaginative collection that experiments with lighting and movement.

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Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 6

Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 5

Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 4

Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 3

Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 2

Fabrice Calmels in D&G mens underwear 1



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