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Daniel Garofali Oscar Calvo

The Underwear Expert recently caught up with one of our favorite models, Daniel Garofali–it had been a while since we last had a conversation with the C-in2 underwear model. We talked to him about the new photo shoot he did for Oscar Calvo, his athletic interests, and the style that photographer Emily Abay used in the series. Some of the dark, almost sinister photos are displayed below for your viewing pleasure.

The Underwear Expert: How was the shoot?

Daniel Garofali: The shoot was quite different from my previous work which made it that much more enticing. It was about being this character exuding the male form in an environment that might contradict social norms…in the way of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s about self-expression. Madonna “Express Yourself” was the soundtrack of the day.

The Underwear Expert: Have you ever played soccer?

Daniel: Yeah, I grew up playing soccer as a kid but clearly, none of those skills were required.

The Underwear Expert: How would you describe the style of the photos?

Daniel: The great thing about this shoot is that it has irony to it. It had all the elements of creating an androgynous look–the make-up and the fascinator–but in a strange balance it still evokes a strong masculine look.

Which photo of Daniel Garofali below is your favorite?

Daniel Garofali 1

Daniel Garofali 2Daniel Garofali featured


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