Cocksox Underwear’s Enhancing Technology

Cocksox Underwear is an Australian based underwear company launched a little over five years. In a short amount of time, they’ve made a big splash and have concreted themselves as a legitimate underwear brand. Their enhancing underwear and swimwear is popular all over the world, and is sold in multiple countries. We asked Marketing Director Nigel Christensen five questions about the brand, including what the technology is behind the package boosting apparel they sell. Have you wrapped yourself in Cocksox yet?

The Underwear Expert: How did the idea for Cocksox Underwear come about?

Cocksox Underwear:
Before Cocksox, we had another brand with a range of swimwear for men and women. The male customers liked the swimwear but wanted it more skimpy. We did some research and discovered there were no Australian companies making pouch style swimwear or underwear so we thought we’d give it a go. Our designer, Nadiah, developed the first product (the CX01) and had a few made. Within 2 hours of announcing the product we had an email from someone wanting to buy five! That’s when we realized this could work.

The Underwear Expert: And how about the name?

Cocksox Underwear:
When Nadiah developed the first style we were joking about what to call it and I just blurted out, ‘How about Cocksox?’ as a joke. We both loved the name and nothing else we thought of came close to the impact of Cocksox. We thought ‘We can’t call them that?!’ but we decided the whole thing is crazy so let’s just see what happens! The rest is history.

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Cocksox Underwear Ahoy Stripe Underwear

The Underwear Expert: You’ve been in business over 5 years; what’s set you apart and made you successful?

Cocksox Underwear: Quality garments and quality customer service. We’ve always insisted that our garments be of the highest quality possible in terms of design, fabric and make. If you make a great product then you’re off to a great start but that’s not enough, you have to engage with your customers and really care about them if you want them to care about your brand. We always enjoy connecting with our customers and discussing what they like, don’t like, or garments they want Cocksox to make (we have very enlightening conversations at times!) There are even a few customers who are our lab rats, they get to test out some of the new designs before they go into production.

The Underwear Expert: You advertise your enhancing underwear as “no rings, no slings.” What’s the design or technology you use to keep everything lifted and supported?

Cocksox Underwear: It all comes down to the design of the pouch. We took a lot of time getting the shape of the pouch right so that it gently supports your junk, creates a bit of lift and enhances the profile without being squishy at all. The first time you put Cocksox on can be surprising as the pouch is remarkably comfortable to wear; going back to underwear without a pouch can be a bit of a let down, literally! The fabric we use is also really important. If you make a pouch from a fabric that relaxes after a few washes then you’re not going to have the lifting effect, so Nadiah is very particular about the fabrics we use. Most Cocksox underwear is made from Supplex because it has excellent durability and shape retention even after hundreds of washes. Supplex is actually a premium active-wear fabric which means it wicks moisture well, dries quickly, is hypo-allergenic and feels like cotton but is very long lasting. I have Cocksox briefs that are 5 years old and still going strong! For swimwear we use the highest quality Lycra which also helps the garments keep their shape over a longer time. 

The Underwear Expert: You guys often discuss your “cheeky” nature. Can you explain what exactly that means?

Cocksox Underwear: Being ‘cheeky’ for us means we like to have fun! Our products are a bit outrageous and we enjoy coming up with fun, sexy names for them. When Nadiah creates a new design she tests our first reaction and if we’re all like ‘No way!’ then she knows she’s on the right track. The name has to make us feel the same way. For example, when she came up with the very sensual wet-look Lycra range the first thing thought I was to call them Dominator to play on the kinky look and feel of the fabric. Everyone’s eyes lit up and there were smiles and chuckles all round. Winner!

For more information about this brand: Cocksox Underwear


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