C-IN2 Prime Collection

C-IN2 updates its Prime collection with three new colors. Available mid September, the Prime collection will soon include solid colors of violet shake, hemp and cold blood red.

“For the Prime collection, we went with berry tones, which offer a strong, rich color presence,” Gregory Sovell, creative director of C-IN2, told The Underwear Expert.

C-IN2 underwear blends 60% cotton and 40% modal viscose for the Prime collection to make a fabric that offers an extremely soft, comfortable feel but retains its shape.

Consisting of a low no-show brief ($26), punt brief ($26), low no-show army trunk ($30) and long underwear ($50), the Prime collection maintains an ultra wide microfiber engineered elastic waistband that stays in place throughout the day.

In addition to men’s underwear, C-IN2 underwear’s Prime collection includes a long-sleeve crew neck shirt ($50), square tank top ($28), crew V-neck T-shirt ($36) and crew neck T-shirt ($36). The T-shirts are made of CIN2 underwear’s non-torque jersey, which does not twist during the life of the shirt.

The Prime collection from C-IN2 underwear is also offered in other colors such as green shoots, anonymous khaki, grey thunder and navy blue.

The range is available in XS-XL.

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