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We chatted it up with Brandon Robert Brown, aka Andrew Christian’s Ryan Phillipe look-a-like model, recently. He opens up about a whole bunch of stuff: his worst date ever, favorite underwear brand and even his favorite position (we’re not talking politics here). He even dishes on his fellow Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin and their budding “friendship.”

The buffed and tanned model with eyelashes for days was recently seen partying it up in Andrew Christian’s latest video “Road Trip Part 1;” he’s been seen in a handful of other A.C. videos, too, like “Jockstrap Cowboys” and “Lick,” of which he says, “Oy, that one was naughty.” Yes, sir, it was, Mr. Brown.
Of the “Road Trip Part 1” video, released last week,
Brandon says, “there was some trouble. I’m waiting to see how much comes out in the second video.” We’re as excited as you are for the second video, Brandon!

The 27-year-old model has had an adventurous path to becoming one of the select Andrew Christian boys. The model, who took his first gig just this year, has dabbled in the mortgage industry and culinary arts. And now, in addition to modeling underwear for Andrew Christian, also runs his parent’s contracting company. Get to know the up-and-coming model below in this flip-flop feature, in which we get a model’s best and worst.

Best Brand: Andrew Christian, yeah!

Worst Brand: Oh, I probably shouldn’t answer that..

Best Andrew Christian Underwear: I would say my favorite Andrew Christian underwear are their jockstraps, and I especially like the way the Air Jocks fit.

Worst Andrew Christian Underwear: I don’t really like boxer briefs, but that’s not specific to Andrew Christian underwear. Anything that even goes a few inches down my leg, I feel like it’s uncomfortable—kinda like booty shorts almost. I’m more of a brief and jockstrap sort of guy.

Best Date: I would say my first date that I had with um.. someone who I was dating not too long ago. We had a trip up to San Francisco, actually–it was our second date. So, my surprise on the second date was: he picked me up, took me to the airport and we got on a plane and went to San Francisco for the weekend. I had a blast up there. We did a lot of fun stuff I’d never done before.

Worst Date: My worst date involves an airplane, too! I was on a trip, and we had a big argument while we were there and it was kind of like a “OK, find your own way home.” So.. I don’t recommend fighting that far away from home!

Best Position: What kind of positions are we talking about? Well.. given my preference, I would say my favorite position would probably be missionary, but you’d have to know top or bottom to know which side I’d be on.

Worst Position: The one where they’re not in my bed.

Check out this gallery of our favorite Brandon Robert Brown photos and then read more about the Andrew Christian golden boy after the jump, including who his favorite boy of the moment is.

Best Song: Well, just off hand I would say that my favorite song of the summer was “Call Me Maybe,” just because it’s a lot of fun and I have a lot of good memories with it.

Worst Song: There really haven’t been too many bad ones this year. I would say probably “Without You,” by David Guetta because they played the hell out of it. I liked it for a while and now every time I hear it I grind my teeth.

Best Cocktail: I’m definitely a vodka guy. I would say my favorite is a grey goose pear cosmo. And they’re low calorie!

Worst Cocktail: Anything with Jaeger in it!

Best Season: Oh, I love summer. I wish it could be summer all year long. I just love being outside at the pool in the sun, or at the beach or hiking. I love to travel and go tropical places and scuba diving and stuff, so definitely the warmer months of the year are my favorite.

Worst Season: Late winter is the worst. I love Thanksgiving, I love Christmas, Halloween’s a blast.. but once you hit January, everything after New Year’s–January through May–is just a dead zone for me.

Best Girl: I would say the best girl is my little sister. I have a 13-year-old sister who is just a little superstar. She’s been doing dance since she was four and is pretty phenomenal now. She’s just been my favorite little person on earth forever.

Worst Girl: Yea, I would say Kim Kardashian for the simple reason that everyone seems to give so much attention to her and all that crap. If you lined all of the Kardashians up, I couldn’t name any of them. I don’t know that shit. That’s my least gay characteristic.

Best Boy: Uh-oh. How do you mean that? Let’s just go with Colby Melvin for now. He’s a big part of my life right now–we have the whole ColBrandon thing goin’ on with Andrew Christian–so, I’ll go with Colby.

Worst Boy: I don’t know if we should go there!

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