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AussieBum breaks out of the ring and into the pool with the introduction of the first-ever wrestling singlet designed to be worn as swimwear. The range, aptly named wrestleMe, is currently available. Check out this tight video of the new aussieBum WrestleMe range, and then read about the idea that sparked it and more after the jump. Plus, we’ve got some killer photos down below, too!


Sean Ashby, owner of the Australian-based brand and a former college wrestler, came up with the idea for the tight-fitting, yet masculine swimwear range after watching the wrestling competitions during the summer’s Olympic games in London. “I thought that it was so hot and that it would be cool to create a range that is inspired by that. It looks so sexy and daring,” Ashby tells The Underwear Expert. “I’ve been with the company for 11 years and this is my first big, new idea. I’m very excited.”

The concept of the wrestling suit has been around for generations, but the singlet has never been manufactured as swimwear before. The daring design has been well-received, Ashby says. “I’ve never done anything like this and I’ve never played it safe. Surprisingly, the country has embraced it with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.”

Anyone, regardless of body type, can wear the wrestling suit without feeling self-conscious. For men who are concerned about their stomach, the swimwear singlet’s waistline can be adjusted to their desired height of their waist while still appearing masculine and athletic. The suggested way of wearing the singlets (with the shoulder straps down around the waist) is inspired by the sport as well. “When wrestlers rest, they pull the cords down to their waist,” Ashby told The Underwear Expert. “When you come out of the surf or the pool, it looks so awesome.”

Available in XS-XXL, the collection comes in four styles, three of which are inspired by Australia’s closest allies: wrestleMe France, wrestleMe USA, wrestleMe Australia and wrestleMe Everybody, designed to appeal universally in black, white, and grey. Ashby indicates plans to expand the range next year with different color combinations from other countries.

The wrestleME collection is made from a highly stretchable and highly durable blend of 80% nylon and 20% lycra; wrestleMe singlets retail for $85.39.

For more information about this brand: AussieBum Underwear



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