Ask the Underwear Expert: Butt Boosting Underwear

Butt Boosting UnderwearJames from Seattle: I’ve got what my friends call “Noassatall Syndrome.” Seriously, I’ve got no butt–I’m completely flat in the back, and my jeans fit like crap. I’ve heard of underwear that makes your butt look bigger, but I don’t want anything too crazy. My underwear is pretty basic, like American Apparel briefs and H&M boxer briefs, and though they are comfortable, they do nothing to help my not-there butt. I need some butt boosting!! Help!

The Underwear Expert: Never fear, my flat-backed friend–we’ve got an underwear cure for you. No-butt, flat-butt, or “Noassatall Syndrome,” as you put, it is one of the most common body issues we hear about today, and as guys have come to expect more from their underwear, it’s a great place to start for a remedy. What you need is a pair of butt boosting underwear, and with options ranging from dramatic to so subtle you won’t even notice, you’ll find a pair that will make every day more “uplifting.”

For minimal lift and a slight boost, go for a trunk designed with a U-shaped rear seam, like the Diesel Fresh & Bright Divine Trunk. The strategic placement of the seam gives your bum a little boost and has a rounding effect for a fuller shape.

For more noticeable enhancement, try a style with hidden lifting bands, like the Calvin Klein Underwear Body Butt Boost Trunk. The bands are engineered into the design of the butt boosting underwear, ergonomically fitting around your butt and holding each cheek up a bit from the bottom. They feel really comfortable, too–a snugness that doubles as support.

Despite your not being into anything too crazy, it’s still worth it to mention the master of all butt boosting underwear: the Andrew Christian FlashLIFT Pro Brief, designed with more intense lifting bands in the bottom rear seams that produce major, but natural looking booty–up to one more inch of butt! Butt boosting this major works best on special occasions or when around people whom you’ve never met, and therefore aren’t aware of your buttlessness.

Our ultimate advice would be to try all three options to see which one fits you best and, most importantly, most comfortably. At the end of the day, your body is perfect on its own, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with butt boosting your finest assets!

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein Underwear, Diesel

Photo Credit: Jack Mackenroth by West Phillips, Quinn Jaxon for Andrew Christian Underwear


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  1. Suzanne Ewing says:

    make butt bigger without surgery just try to put booty wow it’s just work like push up bra for the booty, and lifts the booty up without the need of padded underwear, silicon inserts, or booty enhancing pants.

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