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After you saw ES Collection making the most of the last days of summer, perhaps you longed for more sun and surf. Don’t worry, beach fans, Addicted underwear has you covered. The Spanish sub-brand of ES Collection released part two of its Spring/Summer 2012 marketing photos. You might remember these statuesque models (Adam Fletcher, Bruno Rodriguez, and Dmitry) from part one of the sun-bleached Addicted series. The continuation of this squeaky clean, lens flaring campaign is a marked departure from the brands earlier advertising which often featured grimier, roughed up models.

Eduardo Suñer, Addicted’s head designer, has claimed that the brand’s targeted demographic is, “A young boy who begins to discover his personality.” The Spring/Summer campaign could be the realization of that discovery. The models are strong, confident, and self-assured in stark contrast to the grungy youths that loitered around a train station in the brand’s previous series.

In the below photos, the models are wearing a variety of briefs and trunks with slight augmentations to emphasize package size. The Addicted logo is proudly displayed across the waistband in front. The bright colors of the underwear combined with the hard stare of the wearers enhance the projection of confidence. Welcome to manhood.

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