Trend Report: “Invisible” Underwear

Wish your underwear could be so well-fitting, light weight and ultra-comfortable that it would seem you weren’t wearing anything at all? Wish no longer, friends, your barely there underwear dreams are about to come true.

As men’s underwear becomes fancier, more colorful, high-tech and basically as meant-to-be-seen as the clothing that covers it, a new trend continues to emerge that aims to achieve the opposite effect. You could even call it invisible underwear because it’s made of fabric so thin it feels invisible on your body. Known as “onion skin,” this invisible underwear is so-called because the sheerness of the fabric mirrors that of the ultra-thin skin of an onion, and pretty much feels like you’re going commando.

Composed of nylon and spandex, “onion skin” fabrics are super stretchy and light weight, so they conform and mold to your body without bulky elastic forming a smooth, second-skin fit. It’s also highly flexible so it moves when you do, eliminating wrinkles and bunching up—a definite bonus for guys who like skinny jeans.

“Onion skin” underwear also rates high on the comfort scale—the guys we talked to that tried it said it was by far the most comfortable underwear they had ever worn. 
Still the new kid in town, though, men’s “onion skin” underwear is currently available in only a few select styles from a small number of brands. The underwear generally falls on the sexier, more revealing side, but we predict it won’t be long until all the classic silhouettes, like briefs and boxer briefs, will be available in onion skin fabric, too, and hit mainstream markets. Until then, if you’re a guy after underwear that feels like it’s barely there, check out a few styles that are already available below and stay tuned for “onion skin” underwear coming soon to a store near you.

For more information on these brands: Naked, HOM, N2N, Gregg Homme

Naked Boxer Brief, $36
40 gauge microfiber, 14% spandex; Featuring a fit that is tailored to your body
and a fabric that melts against your skin, this full-coverage boxer brief is a necessary luxury.

N2N BT Boxster, $19
90% polyester, 10% spandex; BT stands for “brushed tactel,” as this special microfiber fabric is
brushed four ways to yield incredible smoothness and feels super soft to the touch.

Gregg Homme Wonder Boxer Brief, $39
78% nylon, 22% spandex; The super stretchy fabric smoothes over every contour while the
strategically placed seams around the pouch and across the butt create a fit so
tailored to your body, you’d swear these were made for you.

HOM Plume II Micro Brief, $30
68% polyamide, 32% elastane; This barely there brief provides essential
coverage and is made from a resilient fabric that is softer than silk and way more breathable.
Flat elastic on the waist and legs never show and the low-rise stays tucked.



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    i,d like to buy the  n2n  bt boxter for 19.00 and the hom plume ll micro brief for 30.00 but how do i go about doing it?

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