Todd Sanfield’s Final Episode

Todd Sanfield gave The Underwear Expert exclusive posting rights for his three part series featuring model Jason Hermiz. Filmed by Murray Grondin, the episodes capture Hermiz calmly traipsing around an apartment [getting ready for a hook-up?] in Todd Sanfield’s underwear from The Todd Sanfield Collection. We’ve doled the previous two videos out with lots of time in between so you have time to regain your composure before we break it down again. And now it’s with sadness and enthusiasm that we present the last episode.

This video features The Todd Sanfield Collection’s white brief,  black brief (both $22) and pink boxer brief ($24). All composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the underwear features the Todd Sanfield logo off-centered on the waistband. Miss the first two? Catch the first Todd Sanfield video here, the second Todd Sanfield video here, and the third right below!!

For more information about this brand: The Todd Sanfield Collection


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