Summer’s Coolest Briefs

For many of us, August is the hottest month of the summer. To survive these scorching hot days, you’ll need briefs produced from breathable, lightweight fabrics, that offer a comfortable solution. Check out our top performing briefs and tell us which one you’d prefer to spend the rest of your summer wearing.

For more information on these brands: 2(x)ist, Baskit, Bum-Chums, Calvin Klein Underwear, CIN-2, Hanro, Joe Snyder, N2N, Obviously, PUMP and Tribe.


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  1. Philippe Trempe says:

    Summer Coolness Briefs presentation with pictures changing to fast, it’s not possible to get any information. Plus there’s no way to pause one specific presentation. It’s a frustrating experience.

    Philippe Trempe
    N.B.: On each side of the presentation, there’s “Icons” to share to Facebook, Twitter or email and they cut part of the screen(It’s even difficult to write this Reply Note).

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