Ryan Lochte Strips to Speedo

Ryan Lochte stopped by the set of Fashion Police recently to kiki with Joan Rivers and strip to his speedo. The 28-year-old swimmer and eleven-time Olympic medalist dished about Team USA’s rivals and what he prefers to wear. Ryan Lochte also detailed just how much of that swimmer’s body of his he has to shave; the swimmer told Rivers: “Pretty much everything except the top of my head.”

Rivers, of course, who laughs in the face of decency and decorum (and don’t we love her for it) didn’t stop there. “Everything everything?” she pried. “I think that’s a personal preference, but I — yeah,” Ryan Lochte offered.

It’s no surprise that swimmers shave their chest, and other things, to increase their competition times. Would a dolphin swim as fast if it had a hairy chest? Probably not. We recently broke down some simple steps to get yourself a Michael Phelps inspired swimmer’s chest. Have you ever shaved off your chest hair for swimming or otherwise?

For more information about this brand: Speedo




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