Pact Men’s Underwear Portland Plaid

PACT men's underwear, Portland Plaid Boxer Brief

PACT men’s underwear releases its latest collection, Portland Plaid, which was inspired by the hip fashion trends of the city of Portland, Oregon. Available early September, PACT men’s underwear’s Portland Plaid collection will be available as a trunk ($22) and boxer brief ($24).

According to PACT men’s underwear, cities “are all about finding new uses for old favorites,” which is how PACT men’s underwear discovered a new use for cozy flannel, popular in Portland’s hipster haven. Produced from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, PACT men’s underwear’s Portland Plaid features no pesticides, fertilizers or bleaches. It is also not made in a sweat shop, according to the brand.

“PACT admits to a love affair with Portland,” says Jeff Denby, co-creator and chief creative officer of PACT. “The hippest city on the left coast, this is one place that embraces good. It boasts the most bike lanes of any city in the US, and just try to find a cup of coffee that isn’t organic and fair trade.”

“And since Portlandia taught us that the ‘dream of the 90s’ is alive in Portland, our Portland Plaid print is a throw back to the days of flannel and grunge,” Denby adds. “Despite the nostalgic inspiration, Portland gives us a reason to feel good about our future. So, grow your mustache, get a tattoo, and spend a day with us pretending the weather is not actually that bad.”

PACT underwear’s Portland Plaid collection also includes a pair of pattern socks ($4) made from 90% organic cotton, 7% nylon and 3% lycra and work socks ($4) produced from 45% organic cotton, 40% flame yarn, 14% nylon and 1% lycra.

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