Hottie Inks Deal With Medal Winning Olympian

Say “hi” to Christian Sprenger, Olympic silver medalist, Australian World Cup winner and now, the face of Australian underwear brand Hottie. Hottie welcomes this 6′ 2″ perfectly toned Adonis for more than just his body. Brand Director Sirie Pelmos explains, “Christian represents the best Australia has to offer; good humour, good sportsmanship, dedication and commitment to the community.  He is a university student, all-round nice bloke and an elite athlete. Hottie Australia is proud to have him on board.”

The opportunity comes just after a pivotal moment in Sprenger’s life. Last year he considered quitting competitive swimming altogether, which means he would have missed his chance to nab his silver medal this time around at the 2012 London Olympics. That medal, along with the collaboration with Hottie, has reinvigorated Sprenger’s outlook on life. Just after winning, he remarked, “The stars aligned for me tonight… I’m thankful every day now I didn’t give it up and gave it one more shot. I’m just so glad to be here.”

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Photo Credits: Hottie, Getty


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