Expert Picks: Superhero Underwear

Superheroes are awesome. They have superhuman powers, save the world for a living, wear the coolest costumes and are impervious to death. They also get to do all sorts of neat things like fly, bounce off buildings, lift up cars with one hand and wear their underwear on the outside. No wonder we want to be like them! Looking at some of the underwear out there today, it seems as though some brands’ designers have taken inspiration from our superhero friends. Whether it’s a bright color, contrast piping or stripes in the right places, putting on this type of “superhero underwear” gives you a Clark Kent turning into Superman effect–you instantly feel stronger, more empowered.

This superhero-inspired underwear won’t give you the ability to fly or shoot spiderwebs from your wrists, but it can make you look pretty darn great. We took six of the best-known superheroes of today and, seeing as how their underwear is so visible, factored in their super powers, costumes and cities they serve to give you a rundown of their choice styles so you can get that “I can save the world!” look for yourself. Check out the gallery:

For more information on these brands: 2xist, C-IN2, Calvin Klein Underwear, Diesel, Nasty Pig, Pull-In, Mundo Unico


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