The Michael Phelps Chest Shaving Guide

Michael Phelps has more Olympic medals than any other human being on the planet after winning gold after gold in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. It’s not his medals people are lusting after, though, it’s his baby-smooth chest (aka: his secret weapon). A lot of guys have been inquiring how they, too, can go chest commando, but getting that smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom feel isn’t all that easy. If you’re one of those guys who craves a smooth chest but is held back by a lack of manscaping know-how, this short and sweet guide to achieving the perfect hair-free chest is all you need. Paired with your speedo, your new-found chest will have you goin’ for the gold in no time!

Equipment Needed:

Brand New Razor: Never used, not even once. You’ll be cutting through some pretty coarse hair and you’ll need all the sharpness you can get. Go for a razor with at least three blades and a pivoting head to prevent dragging.

Electric Razor: Only really important for guys with dense forest-like chest hair. Take the electric razor set to the shortest length to your chest hair in order to make the actual shave easier. Definitely do this if you’re a guy on the go, too.

Body Scrub: It’s important to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells prior to shaving to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak ($25) is a great one to get the job done and is infused with eucalyptus, redness-reducing arnica and skin-softening shea butter to reduce inflammation.

Shaving Product: Gel or cream, the choice is up to you. Hint: whatever works for your face will definitely work for your body. But, if you want to get fancy, try Brave Soldier Brave Shave ($15) because it’s specially formulated for use on the body. Packed with more emollients (hair and skin softeners) and extracts than we can list, this super creamy shaving cream easily tackles coarse body hair, leaving your skin smoothed as if nothing had happened.

Aftershave Product: You thought this stuff was just for your face, but freshly-shaven body skin needs as much TLC as your mug, so slather on the expensive stuff (at least for the first two days.) Here again, more product choices: one that burns vs. one that doesn’t burn. The former is alcohol-based, so it’s more suitable for someone prone to ingrown hairs while the latter is going to sooth and moisturize the skin. If you do happen to be ingrown-prone, TendSkin ($20) is the time-old secret weapon we recommend. This no-frills, heavy duty stuff is a formidable weapon against ingrown hairs, skin irritation and any other post-shave nastiness

Take a gander at this gallery of Michael Phelps’ hairless chest, and then go for the hairless chest gold after the jump.

Step 1: Prepare!
Haste makes waste–It also causes ingrown hairs and red, irritated skin so set aside half an hour to get the job done, right. Your skin will thank you. Before you take the razor to your skin, first trim all your chest hair with an electric razor set to the shortest length. This is especially important for guys with tons of chest hair. Then, grab your (brand new) razor and step into a hot shower to allow the steam to open your pores. Wet the razor to give the emollient strips extra time to activate. Lather up with the body scrub and rinse really well to get all the scrubbing grains off. Swipe away the excess water on your chest with your hand, and stay in the shower–that’s where all the magic happens.

Step 2: Shave!
While in the shower, apply the shaving cream to your chest with small, circular motions. By doing this you’re working the softening agents from the shaving product into your skin, covering each hair down to the root and making for a smoother shave. Wait an extra minute for the softening agents to set in, then take your razor, wet it in hot water, and begin to shave in the direction of the hair with short, firm motions, rinsing the razor at the end of each. Since chest hair doesn’t typically grow in straight lines, make sure you’re shaving in the right direction. That’s it! Notice we didn’t recommend lathering up again and having a second go at it. Many guys do this to achieve a smoother finish, but end up with majorly irritated skin and ingrown hairs, so we don’t recommend it. Once you’re finished shaving, rinse off hop out. If you’re feeling James Bond-ish, you’re more than welcome to go for an ice-cold finish, of course.

Step 3: Finish!
Gently pat your skin dry–don’t rub–and follow with your aftershave of choice. Then step in front of the mirror, flex both of your arms, firm up your abs, and admire the Greek statue that stares you back. Phelps would be totally jealous.

Photo Credit: JustJared


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