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Cover Male swimwear is definitely not something you want to miss. It fits like a glove, is super comfortable and extremely attractive. The cuts are masculine (think metrosexual–we’re not talking about board shorts here), and are definitely designed to show off the assets. We spoke with Cover Male Creative Director Tarek Al- Halabi about the summer 2012 swim pieces, how they’re similar to their underwear and what went into the collection’s design. We highly recommend grabbing a pair to ensure you finish out your summer with a bang, but after reading up on the brand and looking at these photos, we don’t think you’ll need convincing.

The Underwear Expert: What sets Cover Male apart from other swimwear?

Tarek Al- Halabi:
What sets Cover Male apart from other swimwear are the cuts, the length and style. What I wanted to portray with Cover Male Swim is to show that anyone can achieve a level of confidence along with a masculine vibe without being threatening.

UE: What fabric is used and why?

The fabric mostly used in our swimwear is Polyester and Spandex. The fabric is ideal; it makes for a smooth, sleek fit on your body and has a quick-dry feature that comes in handy when you want to have a quick transition from “fun in the water” to “fun in the sun.”

The colors used are modern, clean and crisp. What brought about the color scheme for the range?

Tarek: When I designed the pieces I wanted to make sure that they were amplified with color since the cuts were simple. There is nothing more powerful and impactful than color blocking and I tried to bring that to each piece.

UE: Who is this swimwear designed for?

Tarek: The swimwear is designed for the modern male that is not afraid to show what he’s got, the designs are meant to be for anyone that enjoys simplicity with a twist of boldness, color and a little bit of sex appeal.

What other design elements were incorporated into the range?

Tarek: All the swimwear was designed as a no-show cut. They are low-rise with the right amount of coverage in all the areas needed, so they give you full coverage while allowing you to show your body. Not to forget: the pouch is designed to slightly curve out which provides more support than regular bikinis and a better fit and more impressive look.

Are there any crossover characteristics between the swim and underwear collections?

Tarek: There is a slight crossover between the swim and underwear collections that we have, yes. That is due to the fact that our swimwear has no lining which gives you the option of wearing it as both underwear and swimwear. The same for our underwear, however you have to keep in mind that some of the colors get a little see through when wet, so I’d recommend picking some of the darker underwear to use for swim.

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