Baskit Gets Bloodied

We got our hands on some fantastic, just-released photos that have us [almost] more excited than TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. 

In an exciting collaboration with NYC photographer Marco Ovando, Baskit has found a brutal setting in which to showcase a sneak-peek of their three new fall collections: America – Made in USA, Simple and Active. In an exclusive shoot titled “Winner and Loser: The MO Boys vs. Baskit,” Ovando, known for his impressive porn-chic style, bloodies and bruises an impressive collection of Baskit clad NYC denizens: Jimmy Gonzales, Anton Antipov, Char DeFrancesco, stylist Avi Vichner and Johnny LoiSada. The raw, sexy and sporty boxing themed shoot features the models in before and after fight shots; though the models look worse for ware in the after shots, their Baskit’s definitely manage to look equally good in both.

“The inspiration was actually kind of funny,” Ovando told The Underwear Expert. “My Art Director, Carlos Jadraque, was in a bike accident and his face was all beat up.. that’s how ‘Winners and Losers’ was born.” When asked who the “Mo Boys” were, Ovando told us “The MO Boys’ (aka the Marco Ovando boys), those are the guys I shoot for most of my work.” After perusing the photos of the MO Boys, you won’t have any doubt why.

Check out the photos below and let us know which you think is sexier: Baskit on fresh and clean men, or Baskit on beaten and battered men? 

For more information about this brand: Baskit


Photos by Marco Ovando
Make-Up: Char de Francesco
Stylist: Avi Vichner


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    Good afternoon! I really like your posts,and your models are all stunning ones! But you send me too many of them on my facebook site!Would you mind sending me less posts in the future?Thank you! All the best!

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