Ask the Expert: Sweating South of the Border

Jordan from Melbourne, Australia: I have a thing with sweating…down there. I have to wear a suit to work every day, so packing on the layers doesn’t help, either. I can just remove my jacket and cool down on top, but the underwear department isn’t so easy to air out. So I’m stuck with a case of swamp ass. Not cool. I wear cotton boxer briefs most of the time thinking they’ll absorb the sweat, but they don’t seem to be helping. I’ve even tried briefs on the basis that less fabric equals less sweat, but I didn’t like the way they fit in the end. Help!

The Underwear Expert: You’ve reached the Wetness Protection Program, Jordan! Greetings. Tough break having to dress up for work every day–we feel your pain. Have you tried suits made of lighter fabrics, like cotton and linen? They may let off some steam and keep you cooler. Still, if you’re stuck in all those layers for eight hours a day, you’re bound to work up a sweat, especially since us guys have an abundance of sweat glands in the groin area. Since we can’t do much about the sweating, the trick for you is to rely on some high-tech underwear that will solve the problem of swamp ass once and for all.

First, try changing up the fabric from traditional cotton underwear to something more absorbent, like the Calvin Klein Underwear Micro Modal Essentials Boxer Brief. Modal is a natural fabric made from beech tree fibers that is softer, lighter weight and more absorbent than cotton. As you produce sweat, the modal fabric wicks it away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry. It’s also silky soft, so you’ll love the way it feels anyway. The Tommy John 360 Active Boxer Brief is made from a polyester spandex blend fabric that is engineered to be ultra-breathable and anti-odor, so it keeps both sweat and its effects at bay.

You can also take an athletic approach. The Spanx for Men Cotton Comfort Boxer Brief is modeled after a cyclist’s shorts and features a contour pouch with mesh panels on either side to increase air flow in and out of your underwear. Another interesting feature is the 3D pouch that offers extra support for your boys, giving them a slight lift to cut down on stickiness. The underwear includes a horizontal opening for even more breathing room, too. Also, try the C-IN2 Grip Army Trunk.  It’s made from a specially treated cotton that, as it touches the skin, transfers sweat from the inside to the outside. Described by the company as a “high performance moisture transport product,” it’s like a mini air-conditioner and dehumidifier for your underwear.

If all else fails, you can always bring back the suits-with-shorts trend!

For more information on these brands: C-in2, Calvin Klein Underwear, Spanx for Men, Tommy John

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0 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Sweating South of the Border

  1. Ed says:

    Jordan, Whatever style you choose, you should try using baby powder all over down there. We’re talking in the thigh/ball crease, under the “hood”, and between the cheeks. A light dusting all over makes a huge difference in everyday work comfort. Whether your brand is talc or corn starch based, this works with styles from thongs to boxers. Yes it may look awkward naked, and yes, it does get on your underwear, but unless you are planning to hook up at work, no one would know your secret. If you are showering every day, you can’t beat the day-long freshness.

  2. Javan says:

    Honestly, I found that once I started wearing thongs, or just good pouch underwear in general (as long as not too tight), the sweating issues more or less disappeared!

  3. Ben says:

    Hey guys love the website. Wondering if you have a different solution for the bad case of swampass that leaves embarassing sweat marks on your shorts/pants. Do you think that these products will help solve that problem or would you suggest a different product altogether?

  4. James Ballard says:

    Moisture wicking is just what we don’the want. Why would we want moisture wicked to the outside of underwear because it then makes your trousers wet. The idea is to hold the moisture in so no sweat can wet trousers.

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