Ask the Expert: Saggy Undies

Randy from Berlin: After wearing my boxer briefs for a few hours, I notice they get loose on my body. I put them on in the morning and they fit like a glove, but after moving around for a few hours, they are all saggy and look pretty bad. The worst is in the butt area–it looks like I’m wearing a diaper.

The Underwear Expert: What you need is a one-way ticket out of “Sag Harbor,” my friend, and lucky for you, there are three ways to go.

The first is fabric. I presume your boxer briefs are made from 100% cotton which, when you first put it on, is fresh from being washed and able to keep its shape, thus forming that glove-like fit on your body. However once it comes in contact with your body heat and sweat, it goes limp and basically hangs from the waistband, giving you that sad looking sag. As far as underwear goes, 100% cotton fabric is best suited for anything with a loose-fit, like boxer shorts. Our advice is to try a different fabric that is specially engineered to keep its shape better. If you’re a cotton die-hard, try stretch cotton, a super soft cotton fabric infused with spandex fibers that gives it a little “give” to help retain shape. Stretch cotton is usually 90% cotton and 10% spandex, so it feels like pure cotton against your skin but fits a lot better and for a lot longer. Try the Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief.

A second fabric option is microfiber, usually composed of nylon and spandex. Guys like microfiber because it fits super smooth and sleek, and has a very modern look to it. Another benefit of microfiber is that it’s synthetic, so it lasts longer than cotton, and feels silky soft against your skin. The 2xist Touch Range Ultra Contour Pouch No Show Trunk is some of the softest microfiber we’ve ever felt, and it’s low rise to stay invisible.

The third thing you could try is going for a style with an arched seam across the rear area that keeps the fabric taut and sag-free. The Diesel Fresh & Bright Boxer Brief not only features this ingenious design detail, but also gives you the chance to rock your favorite color in the process because it comes in a whole rainbow’s worth. Speaking of seams, all the boxer briefs from Mundo Unico are made with the rear seam as well as two vertical seams in the front that prevent rolling and keep their shape like the first time you wore them.

The last bit of advice we have–and we don’t mean to sound like your mother–is to carefully read the care labels of each pair of underwear you buy. Spending an hour in a hot dryer is terrible for any fabric. High heat sucks the life out of cotton and microfiber alike, making them more prone to sagging. If you can, air-dry your underwear. Put it out before bed and it’ll be dry by morning. If you must use the dryer to save time, however, tumble dry at low heat.

For more information on these brands: 2xist, Calvin Klein Underwear, Diesel, Mundo Unico


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