Ask the Expert: Dress Pant Manty Lines

Dave from California: My underwear always seems to show up from under my clothes when I wear my suit, giving me what my wife calls “Visible Panty Line.” I didn’t think guys got these, but I’m proof that they do. I wear mostly briefs because I figure the less material, the less they’ll show up, but the lines are still there. Under jeans, it’s fine, but I wear dress pants all day for work, and under the thin material, everybody can see the underwear du jour. It’s not only embarrassing, it looks terrible! Help!

Underwear Expert: A common case of “manty lines” you’ve got here. Showing your undies to the whole world from beneath your pants makes it seem like everybody you run into is a TSA agent, doesn’t it? The fact that you wear briefs may be an issue, since the line made where the rear coverage ends–just below the cheeks–is sure to stand out.

If you have to stick with briefs, you have two options: One involves finding a brief with a smooth, seamless design and no trim or piping around the legs. Naked makes a brief, trunk and boxer brief that are flushed completely flat against your skin. Even the elastic waist and leg bands are flat, so there’s no raised area that could potentially cause bumps beneath your clothes. The Nylon Microfiber Brief from Michael Kors is another great option, giving you a super smooth fit, front to back. The other brief option is to go even brief-er, as in a thong. The C-IN2 Core Thong provides essential coverage up front but is cut high in the back, eliminating manty lines before they start, and has a sporty, masculine look to it as well.

If you are willing to try a different style, go for a trunk. They’re a smidge longer than briefs, and the coverage extends to just below the “butt shelf,” where dress pants never touch, for a stealth look. The Calvin Klein Underwear Steel Micro Low Rise Hip Briefis made from an incredibly soft microfiber and features flat edges around the legs and seamless sides for an extra measure of prevention. You can also try the Mack Weldon Boxer Brief (pictured) that offers stay-put legs that don’t ride up. Made with ultra-soft long-staple cotton and mesh cooling panels, this underwear is guaranteed to keep you cool and under the many line radar.

For more info on these brands: C-IN2, Calvin Klein Underwear, Michael Kors, Naked, Mack Weldon

Photo Credit: Mack Weldon


0 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Dress Pant Manty Lines

  1. Danielle says:

    Great article and picture! Men deal with the same issues that women do, when it comes to underthings and panty lines….errrrr Manty Lines. Love the phrase, and seamless look!

  2. Dermot says:

    I don’t see what the problem is with a guy’s brieflines
    showing thru his pants, shorts or whatever he happens to be wearing! Its nice to see ‘manty’ lines and esp the ‘wedgie’ – that joining cheek seam at the back of most briefs, that if its there will always show thru. I have no problems with my ‘manty’ lines showing
    and its great that you can pick out a guy and know he is actually wearing briefs. Be happy with your ‘manty’
    lines showing…

  3. Anita says:

    yeah….let them show and let the world appreciate your curves men….Its pretty sexy when a guys shows a ‘manty line’ with a slim yet curvy butt

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