Andrew Christian’s Brief Romance

Our worlds are colliding over here at The Underwear Expert. Andrew Christian’s just released video “A Brief Romance” is hot as can be AND it features Colby Melvin, who we recently got to know real well in our interview “Colby Melvin: Up Close & Personal.” That’s not all, though. The video also features Pablo Hernandez, who very well could be the most covered model on our website, and Cameron Marshall (not pictured). Andrew Christian has been nice enough to give us the first look at the stills from the video in which Pablo literally falls in love with a pair of underwear (it doesn’t last long but we won’t spoil it by telling you why!)

Check out the photos of Pablo and Colby below–who seem to be totally enjoying themselves–and check back first thing tomorrow for a unique look into the world of Colby Melvin!




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