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“I have always been a big fan of Madonna and I thought it would be fun to do a throw back to ‘Erotica’ and ‘Justify My Love,’ Andrew Christian, designer and owner of Andrew Christian underwear told The Underwear Expert of the brand’s newest video, “Lights Out.” Indeed, a throwback to Madonna (both past and current Madonna) is exactly what Andrew Christian underwear serves up in “Lights Out,” and a whole lot more, too.

Hosting a whole slew of fetishes including whipping, leather, wax, collars, plastic and chains–and glitter, clouds and high heels in true Madonna throw-back form (Rhianna and Britney videos come to mind, too)–the video stays true to the Los Angeles based brand’s envelope pushing video format.

The video is part of a continuing push for Andrew Christian underwear which is seeing people become “more open about their sexuality,” the designer and owner of the brand says. “Gay men, especially, like to see the envelope pushed,” which isn’t exactly news, but it’s a key ingredient to the brand’s social marketing and the reason the brand is doing increasingly well [it’s also the reason Andrew Christian underwear was kicked off Youtube.] “Our digital video marketing, together with our social media marketing campaign, has created a huge cult like following for our brand. As these videos become more and more popular we continue to sell record amounts of underwear,” Jeff White, owner of Andrew Christian underwear, told The Underwear Expert.

Watch the video to below to see the S&M fantasy Andrew Christian underwear has created, and read more about the video and who’s in it after the jump.

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The “Lights Out” video begins with a sexy business man (Paul Wagner) showing up at the front door of a home occupied by Jessi Malay (aka the artist that sings the video’s background track). Jessi is waiting with two studs on a leash (Michael Silas from GaGa fame and Ozzy Valentino); when Paul arrives she looks him up and down and decides “he definitely needs to come inside,” the brand’s video press release states. “By the look on Paul’s face you can tell he didn’t know what he got himself into, but he is ready for whatever is about to happen,” the press release continues.

When Paul [and the viewer] step inside, they’re transported into a “modern S&M dream.”  The S&M shenanigans are a plenty, including Andrew Christian underwear favorite Quinn Jaxon drips hot wax on Vladimir Shmygol–they’re later handcuffed to Paul and Montana Volby  in the shower.  Ay, things get hot real fast, but the brand insists: “this video is just edgy enough to make the journey captivating, but light enough for everyone to enjoy the trip!” Brad Hammer, Andrew Christian underwear’s Global Marketing Manager told The Underwear Expert.

Will you be chaining yourself up tonight?

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian Underwear


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