2wink Releases New Swimwear

2wink Australia has released two sexy new swimwear briefs that feature a removable bulge booster pouch to cover-up those embarrassing shrinkage moments or give you an extra oomph on your next date night.

Made from 100% imported Italian nylon, each pair ($79 USD) includes the bulge booster foam mold that can be inserted or removed in/from an inside pocket in the front pouch. The suits highlight the 2wink Australia logo with an exclusive Southern Cross emblem that represents Dante’s four moral virtues associated with the four main stars, including Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.

The swimsuit briefs are fully lined on the inside and include a drawstring and pipe-styled nickel toggles. The line is available in S-L.

Interesting Side Note: Each of the two new pairs are named after an Australian postal code: The Bondi 2026, a black pair of swim briefs, is named after the numerical postal code for Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The blue pair, Surfers 4217, represents the postal code of Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia.

For more information about this brand: 2wink


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