The World’s Most Perfect Butt?

Bryan Hawn seems like a great guy. He likes Justin Bieber, and is athletic. We’re sure he has other outstanding qualities, too. Whatever. What is most awesome about Hawn is his ability to fill out his underwear–in other words, he has an awesome ass. Hawn is literally what all of us flat-butted men out there think of when they think to themselves: I really wish my butt were bigger.

The market is saturated with underwear that promises to lift, and enlarge, elevate and define and that’s all nice, but really, what we really want is a butt like Bryan Hawn, without all of that. It’s true. Now, it seems, that might be possible.

Bryan Hawn is also a personal trainer, and he’s published a book, The List (What the Top Fitness Models Don’t Want You to Know.) It seems, fortunately for us, the book is comprised of work-outs that might actually work. What’s more, there are work-outs that might actually get you the butt you’ve always wanted. A reader posted a comment about the fitness read: “I have been doing the butt workout in The List for just two weeks, and I kid you not, my ass is already starting to look different in my jeans. I can’t get over how much lift it’s starting to have. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a month.”

We haven’t read this book [but we will!], and we don’t endorse the work-outs, but we had to let you know about this. Also, the above is an excuse to show you a video titled “What I Did This Weekend” Hawn made to increase sales of his book.




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