STUD Athletic Wear Celebrates Brotherhood

Reveling in the optimism, energy and innocence of youth, STUD announces its new summer collection, Of Uth and Brothers.

Produced in a striking color palette of blues, reds, purples and yellows, the range displays bold messages such as “Wear It Proud” and “Made with Pride.” The collection follows last season’s Winner Takes All line and continues the brand’s spirited interpretation of the modern athlete, according to the company.

Designers Voon Lai and Jonathan Cheng experimented with new cuts, fabrication, prints and styles for this range. They designed unique sporty waistbands and teamed them with fresh, sharp color patterns, too.

Lai also acknowledges that he and Cheng “encountered turbulence while designing Of Uth and Brother” last year, according to a press release. “The conditions in Malaysia were stifling. We were producing fashions that many in our conservative Muslim country considered obscene,” Lai said. “The backlash we received was unnerving at times,” he said but also said of the range, “This is our most personal collection to date.”

On two occasions, STUD was hacked by Muslim fanatics from Indonesia. “We felt ourselves succumbing to the pressure and creating safer, less-provocative gear, all in effort to avoid creating a stir. But by yielding to the conservative ideal, we realized we were losing the original vision for our brand.”

The pair decided a bold move was needed. They would release all fears and go full throttle with their summer collection. “We channeled the bravery we had as youth when we felt invincible and that we could do anything we put our mind to,” said Lai.

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