Saxx Ultra Trunk

The Collection: 
NAME: Saxx Ultra Trunk

The Man
WAIST: 32″
WORN: Small Black Saxx Ultra Trunk

The Basics:

STYLE: Trunk
FUNCTION: Relaxing, Everyday, Athletic, Going Out
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $29.95
FABRIC: 95% viscose, 5% polyester

The Look: Simple, Bold, Masculine.

The Design: Aside from the bold centered Saxx logo and some grey vertical striping down the sides of the pouch, the Saxx Ultra Trunk is a uniform black trunk. The legs end about mid-thigh, and the trunks are seamless across the rear.

The Fit: When putting the Saxx Ultra Trunk on, we weren’t expecting the mesh crotch lining, a technology special to Saxx that prevents the testes from sticking to the legs or moving around during intense physical movement. When we encountered it, we have to say, we were entirely pleased–the addition this athletic underwear is true innovation. The mesh provides a tactile sensation when putting the pair on, then provides a holding feeling afterward. That may read a little intimate, but that’s exactly the feel of these boxer-briefs – intimate. The fabric throughout is very thin, and thus soft and sensual. We’re pretty much crazy about these trunks.

The Construction: As the fabric is very thin and ideal for intense physical activity. The waistband, the fabric, the mesh lining all adds up in this pair. Expert craftsmanship indeed.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: As we said, we’re crazy about these Saxx Ultra Trunks. Providing an intimate feel, while retaining a masculine look, these trunks are the best of all worlds. They’re light, but will provide support like nothing else.

For more information on this brand: Saxx


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