Plump Your Rump With D.HEDRAL

Have you ever been blown away by the design of a pair of underwear only to find that, when on, your ass was either too big or too small for the pair? If you’ve got a perfect one, good for you, but if you don’t (hey, we all can’t be Bryan Hawn), your world is about to change. D.HEDRAL, an Italian underwear company, literally gives us all a chance to have a perfect derrière with their AngleFit technology. Employing a customized Y-shape in the back for different body types (wider for smaller, less so for fuller–135° for slim, 115° for average and 95° for full), the underwear creates a contoured and plump rump. Super exciting, no? Flat butts be gone!
We were able to speak with D.HEDRAL about the origin of the brand, their patented lift and separate technology and how successful their wonderbra-type technology has been. Check out these photos they recently released, and read up on the brand after the jump.


Underwear Expert: Where did your idea for underwear for different body types comes from?

D.HEDRAL: We decided to develop a product that respected the concept of quality, innovation and fit and started experimenting with different styles. The one we liked the most was the one with the triangle in the back. We employed a pattern cutter who used to make tailored suits and we began working on the design. When the first prototype came in we tried it on a model, but it didn’t work at all. After a few days I decided to take a more analytic look at the problem and called in the model again. By coincidence he was not available, though. A new model came in and when he tried the same brief on it was just perfect. That’s how everything started… from the assumption that even if we wear the same size underwear we are all different. Somatotype, weight distribution, age and ethnic group are determining factors that have to be taken into consideration in order to obtain a perfect fit. The same waist size does not mean the same physique and it does not correspond to the same shaped glutes.We then proceeded to study how to develop this problem in a positive way–what at first looked like a bad design was now becoming the strength of the product. We created different patterns with different angles in the back in order to see if the wearability changed. And, yes, it did! At this point we had to create an algorithm that allowed us to link the different angles to the body’s shape and volume. In order to do this I hired an engineer and an anthropologist–after three years of research D.HEDRAL was born.

Underwear Expert: How exactly does the technology work?

D.HEDRAL: Each D.HEDRAL product has a characteristic angle that combines fabrics with different stretching properties. In other words, each angle defines an area with variable height and width (the triangle in back) which has a lower stretching coefficient. In this way we can control the fabric’s geometrical forces and the direction towards the fabrics stretch as well. This approach changes the volume of the garment adapting it perfectly to the curves of each body, enhancing fullness to the maximum whilst maximising comfort.

Underwear Expert: This could revolutionize men’s underwear, no? Do you think this is a technology that others will try to incorporate into their designs?

D.HEDRAL: Not at all. This technology has been patented worldwide. We have also patented the design.

Underwear Expert: Fantastic; how has the response been?

D.HEDRAL: The response has been very enthusiastic so far. From this innovative point of view, the body is no longer measured in the traditional way alone (S, M, L, XL, etc.) It is now also necessary to identify your own personal angle. Basically, the customer has to create an interaction between his own body and the technology in order to achieve the best results.

Underwear Expert: Has something like this ever been done before in men’s fashion?

D.HEDRAL: Do you remember when Brooks Brother launched its new measurement chart? It was the first time–I suppose–that the customer could match his neck size and the sleeve’s length.

Underwear Expert: Have to ask, which anglefit is the most popular? Slim, Average or Full?

D.HEDRAL: In this order: 115° (Average), 95° (Full), 135° (Slim.)

D.HEDRAL underwear comes in various styles in briefs and trunks, and retails for between €32 and 39.00. Check out a gallery of D.HEDRAL photos below and let us know what you think. Will you be picking up D.HEDRAL for a more plump and defined derrière? We most certainly will be.

For more information on this brand: D.HEDRAL



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