Barcode Berlin: Sports & Fetish-Wear

Barcode Berlin has a distinct style, an artistic, authentic and sex-infused home base in Berlin. On top of that, they have a whole heck of a lot of really awesome photos [think European guys wrestling in singlets.] They advertise a distinct pairing of comfort and sex-appeal, too. Two things, really, that should always be paired together. The result? Really, awesome underwear that looks good and feels good. Most importantly, they’re bringing reasonably-priced fetish sports-wear to mainstream consumers.

We spoke to Frank Michehl, the brand’s Concept, Marketing and Distribution Manager about the brand’s imminent introduction to the U.S., the popularity of their singlet and the story behind the brand. Check out this gallery of some of Barcode Berlin’s favorite photos, and find out more about the brand after the jump.

The Underwear Expert: How would you describe Barcode Berlin’s fashion sense?

Frank Michehl: Sports and fetish-wear.

The Underwear Expert: What’s the story behind the brand?

Frank Michehl: Barcode Berlin reflects the city of Berlin. It’s sexy, it’s open, it’s independent. We attract customers with quality in mind: a promise of long-lasting durability kept by exclusively utilizing premium and pre-washed materials. We guarantee high quality standards by consistently monitoring the production, too, hence we exclusively produce in Europe, maintaining the spirit of Berlin and incorporating designs and styles from around the world.

The Underwear Expert: Describe the guy that wears Barcode Berlin.

Frank Michehl: Sporty, masculine, and Berlin. We love fetish and we have a large fetish fan base worldwide.

The Underwear Expert: You have a lot of different cuts of underwear, what’s your most popular?

Frank Michehl: Barcode Berlin only produces styles that are in high-demand. Popular does not only have to do with styles but also the material and the finishing touches. The most popular depends on the customer.

The Underwear Expert: Singlets. Do guys actually buy these?

Frank Michehl: YES!

The Underwear Expert: And are they buying them for pleasure or to actually wear?

Frank Michehl:  Both, but especially for parties, people love to be able to live their fetish.

The Underwear Expert: What would you say is the goal with your marketing images?

Frank Michehl: To show the authentic and masculine side of our clothing.

The Underwear Expert:  They’re really sexy, too. Would you say sex sells?

Frank Michehl: Our photos leave room for interpretation and our customer’s imagination–this helps bring every picture to life. And I think that is what sells the best.

The Underwear Expert: Speaking of sales, any plans to infiltrate the U.S. with your sports and fetish-wear?

Frank Michehl:  Since 2012 we have opened a warehouse and established a partnership for distribution in the USA. This will allow us to help reach our customers in the U.S. more quickly and conveniently.

The Underwear Expert: Any other future plans for the brand?

Frank Michehl:  Barcode Berlin has and will remain true to itself and its customers.

For more information on this brand: Barcode Berlin


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  1. mike says:

    interested in purchasing a wrestle singlet, but don’t know what or how to select the correct size … any helpful comments? thanks and look forward to your thoughts or charts…..

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