Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief

The Collection: 
NAME: Obviously Chromatic Collection
BOTTOMS: Full Cut Brief, Low Rise Boxer Brief, Low Rise Bikini Brief, Low Rise Bikini Brief
COLORS: Blue, Midnight blue, Deep red, Low rise bikini brief

The Man
WAIST: 30″
WORN: Small, Deep Red Low Rise Boxer Brief

The Basics:

STYLE: Boxer Brief
FUNCTION: Athletic, Relaxing, Everyday, Going Out
FIT: True to size
FABRIC: 90% Modal, 10% Lycra

The Look: Svelte, Sleek, Handsome.

The Design: The Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief is a winning pair of underwear. The design is simple and grown-up, sophisticated and eye-catching. This underwear is a deep red, and topped with the same colored waistband. On the 38mm waistband, a white line a half an inch long crowns; Obviously is centered and spans nearly hip to hip. It’s lowered so the bottom 1/4 of the brand name is cut off.

The Fit: The fit of the Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief is nothing short of miraculous. Obviously is known for their anatomically correct pouch which allows the package to rest away from the body. This design element, paired with the luxuriously soft fabric, makes for an unparalleled fit, and does wonders for the appearance of the package, too. The low-rise waist of this boxer brief makes for a cut closer to that of a trunk. The fit is slimming and handsome in appearance, and comfortable as all get out. The tag is even heat-printed on; there’s literally nothing that isn’t comfortable about this underwear.

The Construction: Obviously knows what they’re doing, that’s for sure. There isn’t a seam or thread out of place in the Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief, which is to be expected from a brand that heralds their comfort, design and fit. The fabric is made from the highest quality modal and lycra and the waistband is designed so as not to pinch or annoy. Constructed perfectly.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The Obviously Low Rise Boxer Brief is a wonder to behold. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, why on Earth is men’s underwear not more anatomically correct and designed to truly support and hold, this is your pair.

For more information on this brand: Obviously


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