Matthew McConaughey: Wearing Thong Takes “Leap of Faith”

Dancing around in a thong in Magic Mike may not have come so easily to Matthew McConaughey.

In a recent interview, Matthew McConaughey opened up about his experience with the underwear: “As far as trusting wardrobe, it is one of the larger leaps of faith to trust a thong. Really. It weighs like what a dollar bill weighs. It weighs nothing..”

To ease in to wearing the barely there underwear, the actor had to spend some quality time with it first. ” I had to put on the thong and kind of walk around and try to have normal conversations. You have to talk about football or what you ate last night, something. Then that’s what’s funny, and then you lean against a wall, like, “Now I’m just hanging out, man,” he continued.

When asked whether or not he got to keep the underwear: I kept all mine. We’re sure you did, McConaughey. We look forward to a thong sighting in the near future.



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