Mario Lopez: Bronzed and Buffed

Mario Lopez news and photos circulate the internet faster than you can spell Bayside backwards. Paint the man in gold and the photos spread like wildfire, which is exactly what happened when the actor and TV host was recently snapped up taking photos for Rated M and MaLo. MaLo, by the way, is “Rated M’s diffusion line, Rated M’s first cousin of sorts,” a rep. for Rated M told The Underwear Expert.

He posed with a javelin and discus, perhaps inspired by the Olympics, and looked straight-up Greek God. The photo shoot was a family affair, too. He was joined by his mother, daughter and fiancée, Broadway dancer Courtney Laine Mazza, who were his “very special guests” for the photo shoot.

Check out the photos below!

FYI: Rated M is currently available at Bloomingdale’s; MaLo is available at Target.

For more information about this brand: Rated M


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