Kazaky: Underwear on the Mind

Maybe you’ve heard of the Ukrainian boy band and dance-pop indulgence Kazaky, maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s time you save a place for the guys in the annals of the pop-culture maze that, like it or not, circumvents your brain. Kazaky is here to stay.

The foursome have been around since 2010 but are just now making a rapid-fire trip around the blogosphere as their music, moves and photos pick up steam like a go-go boy on acid. Personally, we’re drawn to them like a rave kid to a glow stick; not because they’re talented, though, no, but because they incorporate underwear into their outfits, and actually manage to pull it off.

The group, who recently starred in Madonna’s “Girls Gone Wild” video and just released a new song called “Barcelona,” confidently sports underwear in their music videos and photo shoots; as result, they’ve been excitedly welcomed into the fashion world as avant-garde newcomers (they walked the DSquared runway in 2011, for example, and are featured in a July V Man Magazine spread, photos below.) They definitely give us hope that men incorporating underwear into their visible wardrobes could turn into a staying trend. Check out their “Love” music video, in which they wear black briefs and the “Dance and Change” music video in which they sport flesh-colored briefs to see how you feel about Kazaky’s underwear. A Google search will bring up countless other videos and photos, too.

We’re not going to follow Kazaky just because we’re  inclined to like anyone that embraces men’s underwear as they do (but it’s definitely reason enough.) We’re going to stick with them because their music is sick, they dance like contortionists, and give us all a reason to forget about Lady Gaga.

Check out the photos by Inez & Vinoodh from the July V Man Magazine spread below.



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