John Bartlett Launches New Line Images with Kerry Degman

Designer John Bartlett, whose designs have been seen in Esquire, The New York Times and GQ, has released new photos of his Summer 2012 collection. Featuring model Kerry Degman, the photos capture the new collection’s swimwear and leisurewear.

“Bartlett is also in partnership with The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. where he designs “John Bartlett Consensus” and “John Bartlett Statements,” according to brand information. “The two collections offer all components of a man’s wardrobe including sportswear, tailored clothing, underwear, lounge-wear and accessories. The collaboration with Bon-Ton also includes a collection very near to his heart: “John Bartlett Pet.” John Bartlett is a major champion of animal rights and welfare; he’s even incorporated his passion into logo, and you’ll see the same design in some of these new pieces as well.

Bartlett, whose “signature style embraces a rugged American authenticity,” according to marketing materials, recently made Fashion-Week history when he launched the first ever 100% cruelty-free and “eco-luxe” menswear collection at New York Fashion Week in February of 2012.

Check out photos of Kerry Degman in the new collection below.

For more information on this brand: John Bartlett


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