Joe Snyder Journal Mini Cheek Brief

The Collection: Joe Snyder Journal Collection
BOTTOMS: Bikini, G-String, Thong, Bakini Capri, Boxer, Short, Thong Rio, Kini, Cheek Boxer, Jock Strap, Jock Thong, Jock String, Enhancement Sling, Mini Cheek, Bulge Bikini, Bulge Thong, Bulge Boxer
TOPS: Tank
COLORS: Journale

The Man
BUILD: Meaty
WAIST: 33′
WORN: Medium Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Brief

The Basics:
FUNCTION: Everyday, Going Out,
FIT: True to size
RETAIL: $29.93
FABRIC: 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex

The Look: Fresh, Busy, Streamlined

The Design: The design elements most worth mentioning on this pair of underwear are both the cut and print. Joe Snyder utilizes a cut here that creates a small V directly over the public line, giving just a small peak of what’s below, but also making a great silhouette. The fabric is an antiqued newspaper-type print with Spanish headlines and stories. The print is busy and varied utilizing shades of grey, black and off-white. We’re guessing each pair of underwear has a custom design, which is pretty neat, too.

The Fit: The fit of the Joe Snyder Journal Mini Cheek Brief is comfortable. The rise in the back leaves half of the cheeks exposed, giving a taste of what lies underneath without being vulgar; the make of the fabric wraps the cheeks tightly which makes for a great silhouette back there as well. The spandex-infused fabric is exceptionally soft and cool to the touch, and extremely comfortable against the skin. The pouch has black piping that frames it and sets it out a little farther than most underwear. The waistband doesn’t exist, and is instead replaced with the same black piping that the pouch features. It makes for a sexy, ultra-low fit.

The Construction: The fabric will hold up wash after wash, as should the seams of the Joe Snyder Journal Mini Cheek Brief–the underwear is well-made through and through. Two papery tags are fastened in center-back, which as always, would be our only complaint. They’re not uncomfortable, but in a streamlined brief like this, unnecessary.

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The Joe Snyder Journal Mini Cheek Brief takes a stab at a daring design, and definitely scores. The fun underwear is not like anything else out there, and will surely get you noticed. If you’re lucky you’ll have someone that speaks Spanish around when you wear these to tell you what’s printed. Do us a favor and tell us what they say.

For more information on this brand: Joe Snyder


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