Good News for Underwear Lovers!

Good news, men and women who love a man in his skivvies. Yearbook Fanzine, “a new male model and sports fanzine” has released its first issue, and it’s awesome. This issue and others will “feature many male models, especially those who have some association with sports as well as athletes and general sportsmen.” They also look forward to celebrating this year’s Olympics, too. In short, expect a lot of awesome underwear and swimwear photos.

Yearbook Fanzine (a fanzine, by the way, is an amateur magazine produced for fans of a certain person, event, group, etc.) is brought to you by Client magazine, an “unconventional british menswear magazine.”

Yearbook will be published six times a year in soft-back with 60-pages in full-color. It will be available as a pdf and eBook download, too, which will include extra material and out-takes. You can order print copies for between £12.50 and £15.00, and downloads for only £2. The fanzine will also produce a 280-page official hard-back version for loyal customers once a year.


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