Colby Melvin: Up Close & Personal

Andrew Christian has a lot of things going for them. They’ve got a cult-like following, awesome underwear, and Colby Melvin, the 5’8″ Southern boy with a charming-as-heck Southern accent. He’s just about as endearing, nice and ambitious as they come, too. If you’ve seen the newest Andrew Christian video “Jockstrap Cowboys,” you definitely know who Colby is. If you haven’t, get on it. And make sure you watch the just released behind the scenes videos, too.

We recently caught up with the Southern boy to chit-chat. We discussed his opinions on where he draws the line with nudity, his love of underwear and how in joining the Andrew Christian team, his gay-boy fantasies have finally come true. Check out these photos of Mr. Melvin, and then read more about him after the jump.

The Underwear Expert: So, after watching the “Jockstrap Cowboy” video, I have to ask: I heard you were fine with nudity, but not frontal nudity. What’s that about?

Colby Melvin: The way I look at it is: everyone has a butt. I don’t think there’s anything vulgar about it. Rear nudity I don’t really consider nudity so that’s why I’m comfortable showing that. Certain aspects, of course–nothing vulgar, always artistic–you know, I’m not looking to do porn. Frontal nudity is just a personal choice with all of this, you know?

The Underwear Expert: Fair enough, although your fans might not like that answer. Maybe you can be a no-nudity role model?

Colby Melvin: I do think we need stronger role models in the gay community. You know, when kids are coming out and they’re looking for who to look up to and are trying to figure out how to be gay–I think that, while I have a ton of friends who are porn stars and do porn and everything, I think we need a more diverse selection of role models for the up and coming gay generation. And, yeah of course, I’m in this video and that photo, but I’m really into philanthropy and everything. And I don’t want to cross the line of “Here’s my frontal nudity” and become vulgar.

The Underwear Expert: Nudity, or not, you seem to have a pretty easy time loosening up in front of the camera.. You’re obviously comfortable with your body and everything.

Colby Melvin: You know, I don’t have the perfect body but I’m comfortable with it and that’s a message I want to put out there, too, for all of these troubled teens and people that are struggling with coming out and body image issues. Just love yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do.

The Underwear Expert: How’d you get started modeling, Colby?

Colby Melvin: I was in Houston, TX and I just happened to be at a pool party. Two underwear designers from a brand out of Houston, TX called Bayou Beau.. they saw me and they were like “Hey, we really like your look, would you be interested in modeling for us?” So I said “Yea, sure, why not?” I’m not the tallest of guys so I really never gave much thought to modeling. So, I did. It went really well. A few months later I talked to Andrew Christian, sent them a picture and they asked me to send a picture of myself in some of their underwear and then they posted it on Facebook and it got, I don’t even know, like 2,000 likes and however many comments. It was over the top. So they said “We really wanna work with you.” I was already coming out to the West Coast for LA Pride and I was able to schedule a shoot with them and that’s how I ended up here.

The Underwear Expert: So there you have it. Bam, you’re a model.

Colby Melvin: I don’t even really classify myself as an official model. I’ve been modeling for less than a year!

The Underwear Expert: Do u have any more Andrew Christian shoots coming up?

Colby Melvin: I just moved to LA like two weeks ago and I’m going to be shooting with them a lot more.

The Underwear Expert: Awesome, so you literally just transplanted?

Colby Melvin: Literally. LA Pride was my first time ever coming to LA and it was uh.. it was.. so much fun. [Laughs.] I’ve only been out like a year and a half, so I got back to Houston and was there like a week and I was like “I can’t take this anymore!” It was, I dunno, I was like: “I need more.” It was just too exciting and you know I decided then that I would move out there.

The Underwear Expert: How’s it feel to be modeling for Andrew Christian?

Colby Melvin: When I started modeling I was like “You know what, that’s my goal. That’s where I wanna get.” And the fact that, you know, here I am in less than a year and I’m modeling for them and I’m in the videos.. I honestly feel like the luckiest boy in the world. I had this dream and it actually happened.

The Underwear Expert: Let me guess, Andrew Christian is your hands-down favorite brand?

Colby Melvin: It is. And it has been for a long time! I’m a huge fan of underwear and I love Andrew Christian. It has so much personality. You know? All of their underwear, whether it’s in the different waistbands or different fits or even the fabrics that they choose–the prints to their actual material–it’s not just underwear, it’s a piece of clothing. You know, we don’t all just wear white or black t-shirts, and that’s what I feel about underwear. I like it to have the same sort of personality a t-shirt would.

The Underwear Expert: Alright, Colby, in closing: tell me something I wouldn’t know by looking at you?

Colby Melvin: You’ll never meet someone who makes fun of me more than I do; I make a point to laugh at myself at least once a day. I think the key to staying young is to never take yourself too seriously.

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian, Cover MaleBayou Beau

Photo Credit: Paul Boulon Photography, Patrick Mark Photography, Andrew Christian, NHD Photography


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