boyRio Talks Brazilian Inspiration

Rio De Janeiro could be said to be the swimwear capital of the world, and that’s boyRio’s ultimate inspiration. Specializing in Brazilian inspired bikini designs for the beach-bound man since 2007, the brand totes the tastefulness, sophistication bright colors and quality known in Brazilian men’s fashion.

“Our customers view boyRio as an investment rather than a purchase,” designer and owner, David Laing says. “Our color combinations and stylish designs aim to appeal to our customers who like unique and classic sophistication without loud colors, padding, or wild prints.”

One of the hallmarks of the boyRio collection is their “Sunga” style suit. A combination of speedo and square-style trunk, the swimwear is made to provide coverage while remaining sexy, and recalls the traditional cut of men’s swimwear in Brazil. “It’s a hybrid between the shortness of the speedo, but the fit of the square-style trunk. It pushes your backside up,” Laing told The Underwear Expert. “You’ll see it worn on the beaches. If you google beaches in Ipanema, 9 out of 10 people have this Brazilian style.”

And now, with the brands success in swimwear, they’ve decided to expand into underwear.

“Our underwear came out last year. It’s been a progression, because we wanted to get the form and shape right. When we got people comfortable with what we are doing, we’ll release more color schemes, cuts, etc.” Laing says, but added that there are areas that they’re not interested in breaking into. “We don’t do thongs.. or extreme erotic. It’s a great market, but we don’t do that. We stay true to what it is in Brazil, which is clean, classic. Very few embellishments.”

Channeling the Brazilian spirit has been successful for boyRio thus far, and they seem to have every intention of continuing in that vein across all their product lines.

Check out some of our favorite boyRio pics as well as some photos of their summer collection straight off the runway. Stay tuned, too, for new marketing shots and information on the new underwear range from the Brazilian inspired brand later this month.

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