Boxer Shorts: Designed Incorrectly All This Time?

Is the design of the boxer short completely wrong? Brian Alessi, founder of Ubatuba underwear, seems to think so.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Alessi, a South Carolina high school biology teacher, is on a mission to make a major change to the men’s underwear industry, and maybe even the world, by moving the opening in boxer shorts an inch to the right. “There’s a problem with boxer shorts,” Alessi told the newspaper. The problem, he continues, “is the slit.” He believes that “for centuries, half of the human race has been walking around in irrational underwear.”

“Alessi said he became convinced of the need for redesigned boxer shorts as a child after watching his father, a dentist, walk around the house for years clad only in his underwear,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports. “Such an experience, [Alessi] acknowledged, sticks with a kid for life.” And so six years ago Alessi decided to make a mission out of his theory and design boxers that prevent this “fall-out,” and even took his re-design of the boxer brief two steps further. He added a triple layer of fabric over the opening in the underwear to absorb “what is left behind after men take care of business.. Any man who ever wore khaki trousers knows what I’m talking about. Nobody wants to look like a fool.” He added a secret pocket, too.

Alessi, design in hand, cashed out his life savings and went into the underwear business. He drew up a blueprint, sent it off to a factory in China, and received 10,000 pairs of underwear in return.

So far, response to his boxers has been less than enthusiastic: “Sales have been saggy and droopy,” the Chronicle reports. “Most of the underwear.. remains unsold in the warehouse.” All in all, Alessi “has spent nearly $50,000 on his dream” and is out ten thousand less than that.

“None of that matters,” he said, though, “nothing great happens overnight. “I’m just trying to make the world a better place. I can’t think of a better way of doing it.”

For more information on this brand: Ubatuba


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