BOOTY BREAK! All Booty, All the Time

What if you could sit back, cross your legs and relax while men lined up in front of you, dropped trow and proceeded to move it and groove it? Yes, we know, it’s a frivolous question: of course, you’d be happy. And even more so if those men were wearing stylish, trendy underwear. Right?

We’re happy to announce Booty Break, a website that serves up fresh booty all day and all night. You have the choice of one (or more) of ten men that line up across your screen on command, drop trow and give you a private show. You can choose to have your man flex, dance, shake, and even slap himself. Best part? No heads: just booty.

The website was seemingly made for women and brought to you by Vichy Laboratories, a company aiming to draw attention to a women’s cellulite product, Celludestock. Regardless of why or for who this website was created, it definitely is right up our alley: the men wear tons of great underwear including Michael Kors and Croota.

Check out Booty Break and let us know which booty is your favorite!

For more information on these brands: Croota, Michael Kors


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