Ballistic Underwear Saves Life

Ballistic underwear is no laughing matter. In fact, for one US Marine, the blast-proof undergarment was most likely the difference between life and death. As CBS Atlanta reports, Lance Cpl. Sean Adams was on a routine patrol in Afghanistan back in February, when he stepped on an IED, or Improvised Explosive Device.

“You step, and there was a brief second, a brief millimeter of a second or so. I remember everything, I remember stepping on it, and then I’m staring at the sky,” he recalls. Infections forced medics to amputate his legs, and a thumb and pinkie finger as well. Were it not for the ballistic underwear, things would have been much worse. “The doctor, pretty much, said that if I wasn’t wearing the ballistic boxers, and groin protector, I would have more than like lost my complete right leg all the way to the hip. And more than likely, my groin area, I would have lost my whole groin area,” Adams says.

Ballistic underwear or PUG, otherwise known as protective undergarments, go on under uniforms and can either be worn over or in place of regular underwear. They feature moisture wicking material and knitted kevlar along the inner thighs and over the groin.

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