Ask The Expert: Crack Control

John from Milwaukee: I have rarely found a pair of underwear that doesn’t ride up. I’m size 29 waist, have an average backside and buy size small underwear. I get wedgies all the time and am uncomfortable all day long. I’ve tried tons of things: going commando, boxers, and even tried thongs hoping I’d catch the problem before it started. I’ve tried everything really, but I’ve yet to find the perfect pair.

Expert: Dear John from Milwaukee, Wedgies are an important part of growing up, but they, by no means, should be an important part of a man’s day-to-day. Definitely check sizing charts and make sure you aren’t buying too large, or find brands that run small (you could also be more of an x-small.)

Some fabrics are made to cling and hug every nook and cranny of your package and back side, which might be your problem. These would be lighter fabrics like blends of modal and lycra (see Obviously’s Geometric collection) or blends of nylon and elastane (see Calvin Klein’s Steel Microfiber Low-Rise Trunk.) They serve a purpose for sure, but for men with smaller derrière’s, could be a wedgie waiting to happen.

To start, steer clear of the above fabric combinations and instead choose fabrics that are a little thicker that instead of clinging, simply cover (see Diesel’s Fresh and Bright collection and 2(x)ist’s Military collection.) If you’re still having problems try underwear with a mesh fabric. This underwear acts like more of a shield from the pants on top and is generally taut and won’t ride up. McKillop U/W has a fantastic nylon and lycra mesh pair we’d recommend as a good place to start (check out their Elevate/Rear Enhancing Brief.) Not only is the fabric ultra light and breathable, but it will cover without getting in between the cheeks and will even provided a little boost, too.

If all else fails, try jock straps, John!

Photo Credit: Sean Avery for Terry Richardson


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